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Reach Beyond Standard Network Boundaries.
IntraLAN SmartRoom Network Range Extenders are new generation couplers that for the first time will allow CAT5 wired network to extend past the 300-foot limit. The units can function as an integral part of either the LINKS or ULTRA SmartRoom or as a simple solution to extending any Ethernet network. 

The IntraLAN PoE Network Extender is a standard 802.3af standard device that allows network installers to extend beyond the classic restrictions of a 300ft network. The PoE-NE acts as a relay of the data received over the Ethernet connection, REGENERATING THE SIGNAL AT FULL STRENGTH onto the next Ethernet segment.

Additionally, the device is a innovative solution that conforms to the standard PoE protocols. Therefore it responds to the PoE signaling and acts as a powered device using that power to:

  • Operate a micro-two port switch
  • Relay out the Ethernet signal to the next segment
  • Act as a 802.3af Power Source to provide standard 802.3af power onto the next segment

Daisy-Chain to Run Nearly 1,000 feet!
Multiple PoE-NE devices can be put in line and daisy-chained several times. There are limits, as each micro-two port switch does utilize a small amount of power. Yet, the POE-NE does support standard PoE power levels, even after the second inline PoE-NE device. - Therefore, three devices can be sequenced giving a total distance of data on Cat5 run of almost 1,000 FEET!


SmartRoom Network Extender



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