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Whethera you are a network integrator who needs the latest, smartest and most flexible network products available for business, government, healthcare or education or a hotelier getting your property ready for SmartRoom guest amenities; IntraLAN products from Panoptic Technology is your best source for innovative network solutions.

IntraLAN is continuously developing new network products based on an in-depth monitoring and understanding of the evolving needs of markets including a focus on the hospitality industry. Our current product offerings include:

IntraLAN SmartRoom Network Voice/VDSL Concentrator (V2C)

IntraLAN SmartRoom VDSL2 Modem

IntraLAN SmartRoom Network Power Supply Unit (PSU)

IntraLAN SmartRoom Network Remote Network Devices (RND)

IntraLAN SmartRoom Network Jack Pack

Network Smart Adapters

IntraLAN 8-Port PoE SmartSwitch (PSE-8)

IntraLAN 24-Port PoE SmartSwitch (PSE-24)

While some of the IntraLAN products were created to work with the IntraLAN SmartRoom System, all can work as stand-alone devices that serve the needs of network integrators for all kinds of industry.

IntraLAN Network Products
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