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IntraLAN Systems Overview

IntraLAN is the Key to Unlock the 'SmartRoom.'
IntraLAN SmartRoom Network can add value to your hotel's guests and your bottom line. Using patented technology, IntraLAN SmartRoom Network can transform a legacy phone infrastructure, an Ethernet network or a fiber optic network into smart open architecture enabling all SmartRoom Technologies including:

  • Video-On-Demand (VoD)
  • Pay-per-View movies and events
  • Teleconferencing
  • Bluetooth devices
  • HDTV programming
  • VoIP
  • High speed internet access
  • Remote lighting/AC control

Smart options for enabling the SmartRoom.

IntraLAN SmartRoom Network options are:

IntraLAN Systems

FUSION - For properties without a Cat5 or fiber optics network, this option provides data, power and control in the guest room and includes bandwidth of 100
megabits over existing phone
wiring as part of the total solution. The best part is that installation only requires 10-20 minutes of
room downtime.


LINKS - For properties with
existing CAT5 ethernet networks, this option uses 'plug and play'
wall jacks and a VLAN archiecture
to make each guest room SmartRoom ready. Links provides
Gigabit connectivity and a built in Zigbee capability to extend control
to nonwired devices.


ULTRA - For properties with ultra high bandwidth networks requirements - or just preparing for technologies of tomorrow, the Ultra solution provides discriminating guests with any and all forms of luxury and convenience, this option enables the ultimate in SmartRoom capabilities - full 110V power control, full power monitoring, full & expandable VLAN capabilities and can be fielded on any network technology.


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